Multi day tours



Boat Tours

Day 1:

  • Panoramic view of the island of St. Stephan
  • Visiting fishing village Virpazar
  • Skadar Lake Bout Tour
  • Visiting Old Town Bar
  • Guided tour of Kotor Old Town

Day 2: 

  • Visiting the old town Perast
  • Visiting the isletof Our Lady of the Rock
  • Explore ex-submarine base
  • Panoramic view of the island Mamula
  • Blue cave swimming
  • Visiting the old town Herceg Novi
  • Additional swimming time on the beach
  • Return to Kotor

Day 3: 

  • Panoramic view of the Boka Bay
  • Visiting the mountain Lovćen and the Mausoleum
  • Visiting Cetinje
  • Walking tour inside Lipa cave
  • Visiting old town Budva
  • Return to Kotor

Day 4: 

  • Panoramic view of the Boka Bay
  • Visiting the monastery Ostrog
  • Visiting National Park Durmitor
  • Visiting river Tara and Tara bridge

Day 5: 

  • Driving to the Tara river Canyon
  • Rafting Tara river
  • Lunch inside camping centre
  • Back to Kotor 

Day 6: 

  • Driving to the Dubrovnik old town
  • Dubrovnik old town tour guide
  • Free time in Dubrovnik
  • Back to Kotor 

You will feel and see all the beauty, the spirit of antiquity and the past and present of everything that adorns the Boka Bay and Montenegro.

Come and join us!

Day 1

We start the first day and the first excitement is the view of the most luxurious summer resorts in Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea. A small island on which the waves of sea water crash, a fortification in the distant past which has become a "town-hotel" - St. Stephen.

On the way further, a fairytale place awaits us, the crossroads of many different roads.

A small fishing village that exudes the past and the wealth of local products - Virpazar.

After touring the village, we move on to a tour of the largest lake in the Balkans –the Skadar Lake.

You will be enchanted by the richness of flora and fauna and of course the beauty of the lake.

Enrich the end of the tour with local food and drinks in local restaurants.

We leave the wealth of the lake and continue our way to one of the oldest settlements in Montenegro - the old town of Bar.

You will see a town with a long and turbulent history around which the spears of many rulers and conquerors were broken.

After all these attractions we return to Kotor. After a short break in the evening, you will be joining us for a one-hour tour of the old town of Kotor with a local guide.

Day 2

With the morning rays of the sun and the shadows of the surrounding hills, which are reflected in the pearly waves of the sea, your view will be directed to the little town of Perast and its antiquities.

After visiting this beautiful, little town, two pearls of Boka are waiting for us, the island of Our Lady of the Rock and the island of St. George.

Full of impressions and admiration, we take you to the monuments of somewhat newer Istria - military bases for submarines and the island of Mamula.

Refreshment and relaxation await you in the blue-green water of the Blue Cave full of unreal experiences.

We have another surprise, the old town of Herceg Novi - the townof the sun, paintings, writers ....

After these wonderful tours, the warm afternoon sun and the freshness of clear sea water await you on the hidden beaches of our coast.

With the last rays of the sun, we return to the ancient town of Kotor.

Day 3

The old Austro-Hungarian Road awaits us. We leave the sleeping town of Kotor and slowly climb to the first destination - the panorama of the Boka Bay. Amazing and fantastic view of the three bays of our beautiful Boka, embraced by the mountains.

After a short break, we continue our way to the mountain where you can hear the sound of treesand conifers and where you can smell the mountain flowers.

Peace and indescribable beauty lead us to the "roof" of Montenegro –Mountain Lovćen.

461 steps lead you to the top of Lovćen - bare stone, sky and Njegoš's mausoleum.

After visiting the mausoleum, we leave the poet and ruler at the top of Lovćen and descend to the old capital of Montenegro - the town museum of Cetinje.

A town of culture and a witness to a royal state and its past.

All of these are amazing experiences, but for you we have one unique experience of the underground world - Lipska cave, which offers a charming variety of karst features.

In the warm afternoon we leave the mountain freshness and return to the seaside and the charms of modern life - the town of Budva.

In the twilight, full of impressions and beautiful pictures, we return to the town of Kotor, the old squares and market places.

Day 4

It is a new day and we are taking you to a masterpiece of nature and humanity, one of the largest sanctuaries in Montenegro and the Balkans - the Ostrog Monastery.

Like hundreds of thousands of other people, you will find your peace in the authentic beauty of the monastery.

Full of impressions, we continue our way to the center of the Durmitor National Park - the small town of bleak, which is surrounded by 23 mountain peaks of over 2200 meters high, 18 mountain lakes and the canyon of the river Tara, the deepest canyon in Europe. It will take your breath away when only 3 kilometers from the town center you see the most beautiful mountain eyes of Durmitor –the Black Lake resembling two eyes, a smaller and a larger one.

In the restaurant on the lake, you can try homemade food and drinks.

Another natural treasure of the Durmitor National Park is the Tara River, which has the deepest canyon in Europe very attractive for rafting and white-water rafting.

Day 5

A lot of exciting and adrenaline-fueled events await us on the new day. You will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Durmitor National Park.

In the morning, we set off to tour the largest canyon in Europe and the second largest in the world after the Colorado Canyon - Tara River Canyon.

You will experience the speed of the river flow, the strength of the rapids and the calm bays of the river on a rafting trip with our experienced instructors.

Get ready for an unforgettable day in the nature.

Day 6

Today is not dedicated to touring Montenegro, but to one of the most visited destinations, not only in the Balkans but in the whole of Europe - the old town of Dubrovnik.

Incredible architecture, old town, clear, blue sea and many other attractions await you in the "Pearl of the Adriatic".

Visit the most interesting cultural and historical area of ​​the old town of Dubrovnik with local guides who will show you the history of this town in the best possible way.

After a two-hour guided tour, you are left with a city tour of your choice.

In the evening we return to the old town of Kotor.

Day 7

This is your day off. You can use it for swimming or relaxation on the sandy beaches of our bay.

The price includes:

  • 7-Days on tour
  • 6-Days Accommodation
  • Transport by boat
  • Transport by mini-van
  • Breakfast
  • Licensed tour guide
  • Lovćen-Mausoleum ticket
  • Entrance ticket to the church of Our Lady of the Rock
  • Black Lake entrance ticket
  • Lipa Cave ticket
  • Airport transfers ( Only Tivat Airport )
  • Tara rafting
  • 1 – night in Zabljak
  • Tourist taxes
  • 1 traditional lunch

The price does not include:

  • Personal expenses
  • Lunch and dinner out of the program


  • Zip line
  • Boka kayaking
  • Škurda canyon
  • Kotor hiking
  • Black Lake bike tour
  • Žabljak paragliding
  • Water sports                                 

Departure dates:

  • May : 02th 11th   20th
  • June: 02th   11th   20th  29th
  • July : 08th   17th  25th 
  • August : 03th  12th   20th   29th
  • September: 06th 14th  21st  29th
  • October: 05th  13th  20th

Walking Tour 7 days

1000€ / person